The inspiration of the Three Questions project


Postcards Exchange

Postcrossing was founded in 2004 by Paulo Magalhães. The idea is to send real postcards and to receive postcards from all over the world. Postcrossing grows more and more. More than 25 millions of postcards where sent by the Postcrossing members all over the world (current statistics here).

I’m a member of Postcrossing since 2009.  I like sending cards to people across the world and telling them a little bit about my life.

I’m always thrilled to see, to what kind of person I have to send a card when I push the “Send a postcard” button on the Postcrossing website.

Then I’m happy, when I find a new postcard in my postbox. From where is it, who is the person that has written this card? I think it is always like little look behind the curtain of an other life.


Humans of New York






In summer 2014 I heard about the project “Humans of New York“. The photographer Brandon ask people in the streets of New York if he could take a photo. He collects quotes and short stories from the people he meets, and includes these snippets alongside the pictures. This project runs since 2010 and he has compiled an impressing collection.

It is interesting to browse thru the portraits and explore a little bit of those peoples live.

Now I had the idea to combine the idea and the experience of Postcrossing with the idea of the Humans of New York website. So I started to send out three questions with my postcards via Postcrossing:

What is a perfect day for you?

Who is an important person in your life?

What was the best decision in your life?

With these three questions, I would like to inspire the people, to give some more impressions about their own lives.

So, if you are a Postcrosser, I would be happy to have you in my project. It doesn’t matter if you are a sender of a postcard to me or if you receive one day one of my postcards. I invite you to be a part of my project.

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