Mary, New Jersey, USA

What is a perfect day for you?

Postcard sent to Mary

Postcard sent to Mary

The best days of my life have involved water in some way, lakes, oceans, streams or waterfalls.  I feel at peace sitting near the water, on a dock a boat.  If wine and food are included – then I’m in heaven.  One place I have enjoyed the most over years of traveling is the Kruger Park Game Reserve in South Africa.  Parking my car on a hill overlooking a water hole & watching the wildlife come to drink is amazing.

Who is an important person in your life?

Family is of course very important, spouse, parents, children & siblings.  Thinking beyond family, there is a person I worked with 40 years ago, we became close friends & have remained so over the years even though we have moved to different parts of the country.  Sometimes we don’t talk for a few months, but when we do, it is as if we spoke yesterday.  A special friendship, I feel this person will always be there for me, whenever I need them and I will do the same in return.

What was the best decision in your life?

I took some classes that taught me how to meditate, that changed my life. Prior to that I was always looking outside of myself to get answers to life’s questions.  When I learned to meditate, I found my own answers within. It gave me a lot of self confidence.



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